Student Support Services


A TRiO Program


Student Support Services is a federally-funded TRiO grant program which promotes student success. Students have access to academic, assessment, personal, transfer, and career counseling. The SSS staff also offers assistance with financial aid applications to all program participants. Referrals are made for tutoring assistance and students are also offered the opportunity to study together in organized learning groups. If a student in the program has a documented disability, special accommodations can be arranged.  All participants in the program must meet specific Federal  guidelines for eligibility. Students who are interested in participating are invited to visit the Student Support Services office, located at the Learning Center in Van 247, call 687-5131, or email

This Office is a National Voter Registration Act voter registration site!!  Click VOTE for more details!

CAS TRiO Standards and Guidelines

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Academic Counseling and Support

Academic Counseling is a continuing process of communication between SSS counselors and students. We strive to foster the students' individual development, and achievement of appropriate educational goals.

College: What You Need to Know Before You Go

The objectives of academic counseling are to foster in the student:


Appropriate goal-setting in academic, career, and personal development areas


Knowledge of the academic programs, policies, and educational resources of Ulster County Community  College


Skill in the decision-making process


Confident of self-direction


Assessment of study strategies and attitude toward learning in general, and college in particular


Academic Support, assessment and tutoring is available to all SSS students by appointment or on a drop-in basis, depending on the  needs of the student.  Stop by the Learning Center for more information. 


For information about online resources, click HERE .


For a list of links for various online study skills, click HERE.



Personal Counseling

A student's ability to succeed in college may be hindered by a variety of problems that may occur during their educational pursuits. Through counseling, students are able to work toward
the establishment of personal, educational and career goals.

Transfer Counseling

Student Support Services students are encouraged to consider all of their options for the future, including transfer to a four-year college or university to complete their undergraduate studies.  Transfer counseling is available to assist in all aspects of the transfer process, including the selection of an appropriate college, the application process, essay writing, completing financial aid forms and keeping track of the entire process.  In addition, special workshops, campus visits, and a transfer newsletter help to keep students informed and involved.  Exciting new cyber-transfer workshops take full advantage of all the world-wide web has to offer.

Transfer Links

bulletThe Princeton Review (Transfer Counseling)
bulletMapping Your Future

Financial Aid Counseling

The financial aid process is often a confusing one for students.  Having application forms completed properly and in a timely fashion can make the difference between access to education and  only dreaming about the college experience.

The objectives of Financial Aid Counseling:


The development of a plan for financing college


Knowledge of financial aid and scholarships


Scholarship Information


Scholarship Scams and Hoaxes


Mapping Your Future

For various other "scams and hoaxes" making their way around the internet, check out the Urban Legends pages at


Financial Aid Links

bulletFree Application for Federal Student Aid
bulletFree scholarship search
bulletMACH25 Scholarship Search
bulletSallie Mae Scholarship Search
bulletScholarship Resource Network Express
bulletCollege Connection Scholarships
bullet E-Scholar
bullet Financial Aid Calculator


Career Resources


America's Job Bank


Job Web




Bureau of Labor Statistics


Mapping Your Future


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Disabilities Counseling

Students with disabilities who are in need of academic accommodations need to make their request through the SSS office.  Required documentation may include but is not limited to the following:


High School IEP


Psychological Evaluation


Psychiatric Evaluation


Psycho-educational Evaluation


Medical Evaluation/Report

Evaluations must be recent (within 3 years is recommended) and include a history and background, a current evaluation as it relates to education, a diagnosis of a disability and recommendations for academic accommodations.

The SSS Program collects and reviews documentation of disabilities submitted by students and determines the accommodations that are appropriate and needed in the college classroom.  Students notify their instructors of the necessary accommodations through the Accommodation Letter which is generated by the SSS office.  Students must pick up their letters in VAN 247 during the first week of classes each semester.  It is strongly recommended that students make appointments with each of their instructors to develop a plan for providing accommodations and testing.

The Learning Center has limited space available for testing for students with disabilities.  Students must make arrangements for testing with both their instructors and the LC/SSS staff.

For more information on TRIO/SSS and disabilities accommodations, please see Jane Jarrow's  excellent online resource. 


SUNY Ulster is now a Voter Registration Site. 

One component of the National Voter Registration Act is called the "Agency-Based Voter Registration Program", and it provides registration opportunities when applying for services or assistance at state agencies.  SUNY Ulster is now a National Voter Registration Act voter registration site. 

Dean Frampton is coordinating with staff of the Learning Center and the TRiO programs to make this service available to all students with disabilities. We will be offering you the opportunity to register to vote today and each time you visit us.  We will be glad to help you fill out the form.  For assistance please see Dean Frampton in the Learning Center, Van 247, or call him at 687-5288.  The TRiO programs are located in VAN 128.  Feel free to stop by their offices, or you can contact Lynn Corcoran-Johnston 687-5260; Todd Zeff can be reached by calling 687-5197.

For more information regarding the availability of voter registration at DSS offices, voter registration information, and application forms on the State Board of Elections website, please click the following links to visit:

New York State Board of Elections

National Voter Registration Act

New York State Voter Application Forms




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