AY 20 TO MAY 26, 2002

Meeting the University's President
and a Trip Back to Jinan

Meeting with President Fan, Shandong University of Technology

Due to very busy schedules, the Labor Day holidays, and President Fan's recent trip to Europe, we were unable to have a meeting with the president arranged until last week. We had a wonderful banquet with him and staff members, good discussion about possible exchange programs between SUNY Ulster and Shandong (for both faculty and students), and the customary exchange of gifts. There is a real interest here in exploring ways in which SUNY Ulster and Shandong University of Technology might join in partnership programs. Very encouraging for both sides, and a real opportunity waiting to happen!

Back to Jinan

We spent the weekend in Jinan, doing more sightseeing, and enjoying the more cosmopolitan surroundings. We also visited Thousand Buddha Hill park.

On ground level at the entrance to the park we stumbled upon a performance that will remain in our memories for a long time. A small group of senior citizen musicians were playing rather exotic and unique Chinese instruments, and others took turns singing. Those in the audience listened over tea. When they spotted us, they welcomed us, brought chairs and offered us some tea.

We are always sensitive about taking photos of people, but they readily encouraged us to do so and even posed in several instances. The music was lovely, and the conversation with these wonderful people did not need any interpreter's help. Gestures worked fine. An older man approached Jim, showing that he wanted to compare arm and chest hairs with him. Startled, and somewhat embarrassed at first, Jim then accommodated him. Why not! Some laughter at these bodily differences, all in delightful fun!

We moved on to ascend the mountain, but kept smiling with the warm feelings this experience left us with. Thousand Buddha Hill was quite impressive. We rode a cable car partway up, then climbed many steps to the top to see the spectacular views and many impressive temples.

Of course, we can't resist sharing yet another photo with you of what we could have enjoyed for lunch . So that you might share the experience, here is a photo of the live scorpions and other creatures waiting to become someone's lunch. The photo of these delicacies and the outdoor eatery that was serving them up is sure to tempt your appetites. Again, we apologize to the weak of stomach.

We are trying to capture as many unusual street scenes and other images of the lifestyle typical to the local folk, and to include them in these weekly postings, to give you a picture of what our stay here is like.
A photo-journalistic publication in the making? Perhaps???

Street Sweeper
Napping Vendor
Cleaning Up

View of Jinan from the Cable Car

Enjoy! We'll be back again next week.
Anita and Jim

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Dinner with President Fan

Exchanging Gifts

Presenting a Letter from Pres. Katt

A Performance in the Park

One of the Performers

One of the big Buddhas

Atop Thousand Buddha Hill

Scorpions, hmmm, good!