Continuing & Professional Education

Courses are held at the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster (KCSU), at our main Stone Ridge Campus (SRC), at the Business Resource Center (BRC) in Kingston, at the Cornell University Cooperative Extension in Kingston, and at other locations. Detailed information can be found in the Continuing Education brochure.

Some of our courses require that students must supply their own materials and bring them to class. The following lists the courses that require students to supply their own materials and the material list. Those that meet at an alternate location, and those that require additional information, are also listed. Click here for driving directions to some of our sites.


NCC 1611 : Drawing with Mixed Mediums
NCC 1707 : Birth Arts International Doula Training
NCC 2005 : Drawing from Nature
NCC 2006 : Modern Landscape Painting
NCC 2009 : Foraged Fermentation

NCC 1611        

Drawing with Mixed Mediums


- 14"x17" pad - all-purpose white paper (recommended: Aquabee, Super Deluxe, 808)
- Small sketch pad, 6"x9" or smaller
- One piece medium-value gray pastel paper, 22"x30", cut into quarters - or pad of multi-colored pastel paper
- 3 or 4 soft graphite pencils: B8, B6, B4, B2
- 1 stick, soft compressed charcoal
- 1 stick, white pastel - medium - or board chalk
- Blending stick (estomp)
- Kneaded eraser
(This will get us through the first two lessons. Watercolor and pastel lists will follow. Please bring along any color materials you already have.)

NCC 1707       

Birth Arts International Doula Training

River & Mountain Midwives/Hudson Valley Midwifery
(Previously the Tonner Doll store)
459 Hurley Ave, Kingston, NY 12401

NCC 2005        

Drawing from Nature


- 1 pad of drawing paper (60-80 lb. or more, not newsprint.), size: 15"x20", 17"x14", or 11"x15"
- Vine (or willow) charcoal soft or medium, get some thicker if you can find it.
- Charcoal pencils: at least one medium, can usually find a nice set with soft med and hard plus white.
- Erasers: 1-kneaded (soft gray) and 1-white plastic
- A click eraser (like a mechanical pencil, but with a white plastic eraser insert)
- Chamois cloth or a soft piece of cotton (t-shirt)
- Workable fixative

NCC 2006        

Modern Landscape Painting


- Acrylic paint supplies (student [sometimes called “studio”] grade tube paints around 120ml or larger) very important to get the large tubes.
- Required colors:

  • Titanium white
  • Yellow (cadmium light, azo or hansa)
  • Alizarin crimson (or magenta- deeper, darker, not pinkish)
  • Cobalt (or primary blue or cyan)
  • Optional colors: purple, green, brown, yellow ochre

  • - Acrylic brushes: 2 flats and/or 2 rounds (one small and one large) any sizes between #6 and #20
    - Support: any canvas, or canvas board, 16" x 20"
    - Palette knives: 2 (plastic ok)
    - Spray bottle (for misting paint)
    - Palette: a large, flat, smooth, surface for mixing. Paper palette pads are good, it can also be wood or plastic or ceramic. NO small plastic ones with the little cups (not enough room).

    NCC 2009        

    Foraged Fermentation

    Marbletown Community Center
    3775 Main Street
    Stone Ridge, NY 12484