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Welcome to the SUNY Ulster Networking pages.

Karl R. Wick CCAI

Associate Professor


These pages are intended to be used for easy access to general class information when you are away from the classroom. You will soon find course outlines, notes, tools and other useful information here. Feel free to look around.

Here are a few photos of what we do:


Dave, Michael, Jon, (Rick), Jorge, Willie
Adjunct Prefessor Heinlein demonstrating virtual OS management A typical network equipment rack with fiber and cat5 cables
Security grads
Dual Firewall Applicance Happily employed graduates of our program, Justin and Dan
Graduates 2010 Grads 2010
Graduation Candidates 2010 (Jon, Seth, Tom, James) New Network Administrators 2010
(Dan, Jon, "Professor Wick", Matt, Tom, James)

My other web site is also available at www.stremy.net/UCCC.html

Note: The college web pages are working much better now and I will be updating here for the forseable future. My personal site will NOT have up to date college related information.


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General Information

My office is in the Hardenburgh building room 109 (computer science offices - first floor, opposite the central staircase).  My office hours during most semesters are from 2:30 PM until 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday with other hours as they best fit. Please see my office door for details.

I post my schedule at my office and here.

TELEPHONE: My office extension is 5177   (845-687-5177 from off campus)

NOTE: Email is my prefered method of communicaton if face-to-face is not practical.


You may contact me at UCCC or via email: (wickk@sunyulster.edu)
Personal web page and e-mail: Karl Wick (kwick@REMOVEMEhvc.rr.com)

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