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 Jon L
"Anyway, thanks again for everything. I worked about 15 years for my last career choice, and after 1 year at Ulster, I truly feel more confident in getting work than I ever have before in my life. By the way, I did end up getting MANY responses from my first run of sending resumes out, and I landed a part time job that will be flexible enough to handle with school going on as well. IT-related too! Feels pretty damn good. (Jeez, I feel like one of the Start Here Go Far billboards right now.) LOL - Nick"

I wanted to thank you for the excellent recommendation you provided me, I was just hired today as a Systems Engineer. I really appreciate it.

Keep in touch, and I'll do the same. For what it's worth, you are easily one of the top 5 people in my life that truly made a difference in all of my educational pursuits, and as far as the effects resulting from these pursuits, you're a contender for #1. To further elaborate on what I said about telecom needing more brains, I thank myself at least once a week that I ended up in your program. From what I can see, few of my peers had educators that demanded a true understanding of the material and it means everything when you get into the real world situations.
~ N.R.

You may contact me at UCCC or via email: (wickk @ sunyulster.edu)
Personal web page and e-mail: Karl Wick (kwick @ hvc.rr.com)

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